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Browse Database & SQL - Software Development : 101-150 programs listed after popularity

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  • Schema Plus Lite  101)   Schema Plus Lite 1.0
    Schema Plus is an SQL Editor for all ODBC compliant databases. Text Grid and Chart SQL results. Generate scripts for VB,VC,JAVA,ASP,HTML ...etc.View execution plans. Create multi layered transactions. Multi threaded architecture for multi tasking.

  • Access-to-MySQL  102)   Access-to-MySQL 2.3
    AccessToMysql - Import Access to Mysql. Main features: 1.Easy visual configuration. 2.Converts from both table and query. 3. Displays progress through time estimation. 4. Tow mode: Wizard - step by step; Direct import - efficient.

  • myLittleAdmin  103)   myLittleAdmin 2.7
    myLittleAdmin is a web-based MS SQL and MSDE database administration tool. New version offers a lot of great new features, such as user levels or SQL script generation.

  • Superior SQL Builder  104)   Superior SQL Builder 2.0
    Visually build complete SQL scripts - other query tools only build single SQL queries. Introduces massive time savings. Easy to use. Build complex SQL scripts without typing any SQL. Supports Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, Access.

  • WebGrid  105)   WebGrid 1.0
    WebGrid is a powerful cross-browser, object oriented and full-featured JavaScript grid component provides users with a familiar interface for manipulating tabular data using web browser.

  • SQL Source Control  106)   SQL Source Control 2003
    Full source control and documentation versioning for SQL Server 2000 with Source Safe 6.0 support. Comprehensive database documentation, HTML reports, easy SQL Server database items management, Intellisense-style automatic code completion.

  • DB Visual ARCHITECT for Windows  107)   DB Visual ARCHITECT for Windows 3.1
    DB Visual ARCHITECT (DB-VA) 3.1, a sophisticated Object to Relational mapping designer and code generator to you. DB-VA generate real executable persistence code, persistence layer and database (DDL or direct execute to the database).

  • SQLite Analyzer  108)   SQLite Analyzer
    Need a tool that would manage SQLite databases quickly and easily? Try SQLite Analyzer, a comprehensive SQLite database processor. Edit or modify SQLite data visually without any risk of losing your data. There are no table size restrictions!

  • SqlAnswersMail  109)   SqlAnswersMail 3.1.5
    A user-friendly software package for sending email from Microsoft SQL Server. PDF Generator. SQL to PDF reports.

  • Visual SQL-Designer Light  111)   Visual SQL-Designer Light 3.99
    Visual SQL-Designer Light is a program for easy visual constructing hard SQL-query for any database and write it. Support MSSQL 6.5-7.0-2000, MSAccess and other ODBC databases. Union query builder.Stored Procedure wizard.

  • RTCalcExpress  112)   RTCalcExpress 1.0
    Delphi component for calculating expressions, entered in Run-Time. For Delphi4, 5, 6, 7 and higher. Delivered with sources. The expressions can contain numbers, arithmetic and logic operators and functions, defined by user (FDU).

  • FlexibleDB Access Application  113)   FlexibleDB Access Application 1.0
    The data base stores all kinds of files with additional descriptions to their contents. After that the files can be searched for by contents. The files found can be viewed via the form of the data base.

  • SQLitePlus  114)   SQLitePlus 2.8.5
    SQLitePlus is a powerful database manager/viewer program and a COM wrapper DLL for the well-known SQLite C database engine.

  • SQL Server Tools  115)   SQL Server Tools 1.0
    Enumerates all SQL Server objects for a selected database, writes the scripts that created the objects. Stores data from selected tables in XML format, enumerates dependencies, writes extended properties.

  • Installgen  117)   Installgen 1.75
    Installgen implements OracleĀ“s best practices for over 100 tasks required when performing the installation of Oracle primary and standby database servers. Free demo available for Windows, MacOSX, Linux and Solaris.

  • Oracle-to-Access  118)   Oracle-to-Access 2.0
    OracleToAccess - Export Oracle data to Access easy and quickly. Main features: 1. Easy visual configuration. 2.Convert from both table and query. 3. Displays progress through time estimation. 4. Wizard, Step by step.

  • SQL Script Recovery  119)   SQL Script Recovery 1.21
    If you encrypt your own source code of stored procedures, triggers, views or user-defined functions with "with encryption" option,but you neglectful lost it,the application can help you recover it .

  • EZStoredProc  120)   EZStoredProc 1.0
    EZStoredProc generates stored procedures for SQL Server databases.Aren't you tired of writing stored procedures for SQL Server tables that your application needs to have access to? Don't you wish that there is a tool out there that will magically gen

  • blueshell Active Tables for .NET  121)   blueshell Active Tables for .NET 3.0.9
    Use VB 5/6 as well as all the languages of .NET (like C#, VB.NET and J#) to connect to various databases including Oracle, MS SQL Server, MySQL, Jet and more using ADO. Develop reliable and easy-to-use database applications in no time at all!

  • RAMSuite OraBuilder  122)   RAMSuite OraBuilder 1.5
    It connects to Oracle versions 7 through 9i. The Program allows you to create, edit and execute project files separately and in the batch mode, and also to execute commands within a single file, using multiple windows.

  • UpdateGenie (for FileMaker) Mac  123)   UpdateGenie (for FileMaker) Mac 2.0
    Create and distribute update packages for your FileMaker solutions quickly and easily. With cross-version capabilities you can distribute one update package, which will bring any solution up to date regardless which version your users are running.

  • DBReader  124)   DBReader 1.80
    DBReader is a hierarchical database browser with editing capabilities.DBReader provides the end user with a fully integrated set of development tools for data manipulation and data definition.

  • SQL Admin Studio  125)   SQL Admin Studio 2.1.1935 BETA RELEASE
    SQL Admin Studio is a powerful SQL Database Management Tool. It is a complete management solution for System Administratorā€™s and Developers. Designed to be fast, intuitive and powerful with code generation templates automating every day tasks.

  • SCIROCCO DAO Data Control  126)   SCIROCCO DAO Data Control 1.0
    Data control that allows you to perform data access operations without writing any code at all. Navigate, Add, Delete, Edit, Search, Undo and Save changes to DAO Recordsets just by dropping this control on you forms! Suitable for MS Access etc!

  • Access2PostgreSQL PRO  127)   Access2PostgreSQL PRO 2.0.0
    DBConvert for Access & PostgreSQL with scheduler converts MS Access (mdb) to PostgreSQL and PostgreSQL to Access. You can save data to PHP script or dump (text) file that allows you to get over the restrictions on access to PostgreSQL database.

  • CASE Studio 2  128)   CASE Studio 2 v 2.23
    Powerful database design tool which allows you to visually create Entity Relationship Diagrams (ERD) for various database systems - MS SQL, Oracle, DB2, MySQL, InterBase, Sybase etc. Features: ERD, SQL script generation, Reverse engineering...

  • ABC Amber Paradox Converter  130)   ABC Amber Paradox Converter 1.17
    An advanced utility which converts your DB (Paradox) files to any format you wish (XLS, CSV, MDB, DBF, XML, PDF, HTML, CHM, RTF, HLP, DOC, and more). The software supports a batch conversion, a run from command line, more than 50 languages.

  • SQLSourceSafe  131)   SQLSourceSafe V3.1
    The integrated version control solution for SQL Server database. It integrates with both SQL Server and Visual SourceSafe, offers great functionality to manage the source code of SQL scripts.

  • AdventNet SwisSQL - Oracle to SQL Server  132)   AdventNet SwisSQL - Oracle to SQL Server 2.6
    SwisSQL - Oracle to SQL Server Edition is an Automated Migration tool to convert Oracle PL/SQL stored procedures into equivalent Microsoft SQL Server Transact SQL code. It automates more than 80% of the code conversion with very minimal manual effort

  • DBQwikEdit Lite  133)   DBQwikEdit Lite 2.4
    DBQwikEdit is a database and SQL utility program simple for the novice yet powerful for expert programmers.

  • Daffodil DB  134)   Daffodil DB 4.0
    Daffodil DB is a J2EE-certified, SQL-99 and JDBC standards compliant Java RDBMS, made available in both Embedded and Network Editions.

  • MSDE Manager  135)   MSDE Manager 4.32
    Manage MSDE/SQL databases via an intuitive graphical interface and do all of the common operations that a typical deployment of MSDE/SQL would entail and much more besides. Add, edit and delete Databases, Tables, Views, Users, Rules, SP's & more.

  • MaxMind-GeoLite_Country  136)   MaxMind-GeoLite_Country November_2005
    GeoLite Country is a free version of MaxMind's GeoIP Country database. The GeoLite Country database has an estimated accuracy rating of 97% for determining the location of IP addresses by country. Monthly updates available for free at

  • MDBSecure  137)   MDBSecure 1.1.0
    Utility which makes it easy to create secure access databases (mdb), providing encryption, follows recognised security approach SECFaq. Will import data from existing database and produce jet Connection string. Workgroup, Admin User, Super User.

  • OlapX Web Control  138)   OlapX Web Control 4.0
    OlapX Web is a sophisticated multidimensional database browsing tool control, that can be distributed from a web server to an unlimited number of users.

  • NextGeneration .NET Code Generator  139)   NextGeneration .NET Code Generator 1.1.0
    A software development tool that saves you time by quickly building database-driven applications. Generate stored procedures, data access objects, business service classes, DataSets and an ASP.NET web interface in minutes instead of weeks.

  • Apex SQL Audit  140)   Apex SQL Audit 2011.01
    ApexSQL Audit proves a comprehensive, enterprise level active data auditing tool for Microsoft SQL Server Database auditing.

  • AccDBMan - MS Access Database Manager  141)   AccDBMan - MS Access Database Manager 2.11
    Access Database Manager (AccDBMan) is an application designed to help you with Manage Microsoft Access Database files (like MDB or MDE) without having the full version of Microsoft Access installed.

  • DB Search Expert Free  142)   DB Search Expert Free 1.0
    DB Search Expert - Google-like approach to the database search. You can query all tables and all fields in one click.

  • SwisSQL - Sybase to Oracle Migration Tool  144)   SwisSQL - Sybase to Oracle Migration Tool 2.5
    SwisSQL - Sybase to Oracle Edition is an automated migration tool to convert stored procedures implemented in Sybase Adaptive Server Transact SQL (ASE) into equivalent PL/ SQL code.

  • SASSI  145)   SASSI 2.0
    Easy VSS integration with rollback and rollforward functionality, Syntax Highlighting, Easily manage your SQL objects, Syncronization, Keep your documentation up-to-date, Script generation to keep your servers up-to-date.

  • FlexTracer  146)   FlexTracer 2.3 Beta
    FlexTracer is a powerful tracer of DLLs and SQL-statements for various RDBMS. It creates the history log of all invoked operations. It supports Oracle, MS SQLServer, MySQL, Interbase/Firebird, ODBC, Advantage server, ADO, file and registry operations

  • EMS MS SQL Manager  147)   EMS MS SQL Manager 1.8
    EMS MS SQL Manager is a powerful graphical tool for Microsoft SQL Server administration and development. It makes creating and editing MS SQL Server database objects easy and fast.

  • Extended Stored Procedure component  148)   Extended Stored Procedure component 1
    Write Extended Stored Procs for SQL Server with ease: * Control over input/output procedure parameters. * Return an arbitrary number of recordsets. * Real world code: work as a part of the complex accounting system, 7x24.

  • Caravan Business Server for OS/2  149)   Caravan Business Server for OS/2 3.15-03D
    Caravan Business Server is an extremely easy to use comprehensive development and deployment framework which has been used to build Enterprise wide, mission critical Web-based applications.

  • Multi-DB Querier  150)   Multi-DB Querier 1.12
    Multi-DB Querier allows running SQL queries on multiple databases with similar structure. Result of SELECT queries can be exported to file (TXT, CSV, DBF, XML, HTML, RTF, XLS). The most important operations can be performed also via command line.

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